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Structural and Architectural Services

At The Bedrock Company, we specialize in a wide array of Services, including structural and architectural concrete, demo, flat work, acoustical floating floors and stamped concrete. We provide all the building material and equipment needed to run your project and ensure quality production in your space. You can trust us for any kind of Concrete services.

Hard Demo

Saw cut, break and remove concrete, asphalt and export experts. Super 10 trucking and roll off dumpsters.



Pits, Footings, trenches we dig all types of excavations with our extensive fleet of tractors including many John Deere skid steers, up to 20K size Mini excavators, 3 to 5 ton rollers and John Deere 410 Backhoe

Site Concrete

Architectural or standard Gray concrete our crews self-perform all curbs, gutters, walks, walls, colored, etched, seeded aggregates and mock ups. For Off site construction our Division Pebco General Engineering and Building Contractors, Inc. Can help building your project. Contact us for more info.

An outdoor commercial space
Newport Beach structural concrete

Structural Concrete

Rebar, Epoxy dowels, Vapor barriers, concrete, shotcrete. We Mainly perform structural concrete improvements to existing buildings and structures.

Isolation floor slabs

Studio Floor and various insolation slabs experts. Whether using Mason West, Kinetics or other isolation systems out team can provide engineering for your specific project and construct your iso slabs turn key.



We can install most all type of Pavers. Economical, Architectural, Pervious, Grass block or mortar set flagstone, we install many types of paving.



John Doe


I know when I hire Bedrock they will come through, complete the job
and if there are any issues we have always been able to work it out.
Challenges occur on projects and it’s how you finish. Bedrock Company finishes well.

Don Fraser, VP Howard Building Corporation


The Bedrock Company is a great asset to our Tenant
improvement division being able to perform multiple
trades competitively helps us tremendously.

Assaf Nachshon, VP of preconstruction KPRS


My firm loves working with the Bedrock Company for well over
15 years whether a precise site accessibility renovation or a
large scale structural concrete project. The Bedrock team
provides quality team members, management, service, and final product.

Cheryl Osborn, President & CEO Casco Contractors, Inc.